SAN DIEGO — Temperatures were on the warm side earlier today as daytime highs maxed out above seasonal. The biggest temp gap was in the mountains and desert, running close to 10° above average. 


  • Coast: upper 50s
  • Inland: mid 50s
  • Mountains: upper 40s
  • Desert: mid 60s

Southerly air flow along the coast of southern San Diego Co. could spawn a weak coastal eddy during the overnight hours. Patchy fog and coastal low clouds, extending 10 - 15 miles inland, look to stick around through Wednesday morning. 

By the afternoon hours, expect mostly clear skies and daytime highs 5° to 10° warmer than Tuesday afternoon. 


  • Coast: near 72°, seasonal average: 68°
  • Inland: near 82°, seasonal average: 76°
  • Mountains: near 79°, seasonal average: 63°
  • Desert: near 100°, seasonal average: 86°

Keeping much of the same heat for daytime highs on Thursday, 5° to 20° above average as high pressure maintains a stronghold on Southern California.

High pressure will weaken Friday through the weekend due to a trough of low pressure moving in from the Pacific. Temperatures will reach about average levels for the coast and inland areas by Saturday. 

The low pressure is forecast to push inland on Sunday night, resulting in the chance for light showers Sunday evening into Monday morning.