SAN DIEGO — California mayors joined together in Encinitas Monday morning to oppose offshore drilling off the state's coast.

The local leaders discussed the federal "Proposed Program" for expanded offshore drilling, what actions North County cities have taken to oppose the plan, and the dangers of new offshore drilling to San Diego’s coastal economy and environment.

The Trump administration has consistently argued for expanded offshore drilling as a pillar of an economic strategy not only to make U.S. energy secure but also to help reinvigorate the manufacturing sector and boost the growth of high-paying jobs.

The initial plan unveiled in January 2018 included 47 potential lease sales in 25 of the nation's 26 planning areas – 19 sales off the coast of Alaska, seven in the Pacific region, 12 in the Gulf of Mexico, and nine in the Atlantic region.

The plan would apply to federal waters, which begin beyond state waters, generally about three miles from shore.