SAN DIEGO — Miramar Marines met with community leaders to show off their operation and talk about concerns.

"66 percent of available aviation training ranges just so happen to be within one flight of Miramar," said MCAS Col. Chuck Dockery. "Things change over time and I think what they’ll see after this afternoon why we do things hasn’t changed since 1917." 

A smaller forum is hosted monthly, but this time it was opened up to a wider audience like Tony Garcia from Scripps Ranch who asked about how the base handles noise.

"It's being a good neighbor and addressing noise complaints," said Garcia. "They can be annoying everyone wants peace and quiet at night, but it's all minor to what the base means to us." 

"I’m not the person who stands up and says, 'that’s the sound of freedom,'" said Dockery. "We try to understand and make sure we’re empathetic to people in the community."

They also opened up the MCAS tower. The Department of Defense and Marines orchestrate the delicate dance of planes and helicopters in a crowded airspace.

These are the last few months for some of their F-18s. The military is phasing in the new single-engine, one-man F-35. They're only about one to two decibels louder, but a higher pitch so you may notice a difference early next year.

"We give everything we have to be ready to go today," said Col. Dockery. "I tell my Marines they're one set of orders away from deploying somewhere in the world to do something so be ready to go."