SAN DIEGO — San Diego is a vacation destination for thousands of people each year. From the beautiful beaches, to the amusement parks, there are so many wonderful things to do. For those who live and work in San Diego, instead of going on an expensive vacation, why not plan a staycation?

There is no need to jet off to the Polynesian Islands, instead, drive down to Mission Bay.

The Catamaran Hotel offers a full luau with roasted pig and an incredible on stage "taste of the islands" performance every Tuesday and Friday night this summer.

Or, if you are in the mood for a laid back California beach party, head to the Bahia Resort for a fresh clam bake, live music and dancing, as well as fun for the kids.

The California Dreamin' Beach Party is every Thursday night through August.

If you were thinking about an outdoor adventure, no need to go far for a camping trip. In Ramona, at "2 The Rescue Animal Sanctuary," you can tent camp. There are accommodations and Wi-Fi, but you can also learn to care for rescued animals.

The animal sanctuary is home to rescued pot-bellied pigs, horses, donkeys, goats, ducks and chickens, and even a 150 pounds tortoise.

If your adventurous spirit takes you back to the coast, check out Jim's Cave Store in La Jolla.

For $5 for an adult and $3 for kids, you start in the gift shop, then walk down 145 stairs all the way to a secret La Jolla cave lookout.

And, instead of the long drive to an old farm, cruise on down to National City to the Stein Family Farm.

Every Saturday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., you can witness the ins and outs of a 100-year-old real working urban farm.

There is planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables, caring for animals, and you can learn to garden in the San Diego summer sun.