Time is almost up for procrastinators as Tax Day is Monday. The IRS has some tips for those who are finishing up before filing. 

Raphael Tolino is an IRS spokesperson in San Diego. 

"If you can get it done, get it done. Get to a computer [and] let the software hold your hand,” said Tolino 

He said people are seeing unexpected results this year due to new tax laws.  

With the Tax Jobs and Cuts Act taking effect in 2018, millions of Americans who are used to getting refunds are now owing money – some for the first time.   

"It changed things probably for everybody in some way shape or form,” said Tolino. 

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the government took a bigger bite out of your income. For most people, it’s a mix of paying less throughout the year due to adjustments in IRS withholding tables and changes in deductions and credits.  

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The lack in refunds will likely mean more people looking for extra time to file. Tolino says if you are coming up against the deadline and need more time you should file for an extension to give yourself another six months.     

However, for those that owe filing an extension won’t absolve you from penalties or interest accrued during that time.  

"The penalty for not filing with a balance due is much greater than filing and not fully paying,” said Tolino. 

It’s important to note, Monday is the deadline to file your tax return or file for an extension.  

"You don’t want to file an inaccurate return out of haste or [miss out on] every tax benefit you can. You don’t want to miss one of those,” said Tolino. 

The IRS does have several payment plan options from the short to long term.  

"We have options and flexibility to help you along if you can't fully pay,” said Tolino.  

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