SAN DIEGO — San Diego is big business for breweries, but lately several have been the victims of break-ins.

Longship Brewery in Mira Mesa was one of the breweries that was broken-into and the thief was caught on camera. According to the owner, Dan Jachimowicz, the thief broke in by cracking a glass window and crawling inside before running out with the cash register.

The suspect was in and out in 20 seconds after crawling through the window.

According to Jachimowicz, there has been a string of brewery break-ins – including ones at Serpentine Cider in Mira Mesa, Barrel Harbor Brewing and Iron Fist in Vista.

The Golden Coast Mead in Oceanside and Black Plague Brewing were also broken into.

In Black Plague’s surveillance video, a suspect seen wearing a black hoodie and mask walks up and kicks in the glass window. The suspect then runs and rips out the register before driving off in a white Jeep Patriot.

“Seems to be the same person. Tall, skinny and wears a mask. We can’t really make anything out,” said Jachimowicz.

Jachimowicz said he clears out the register each night, so the thief took off with no cash. He said he hopes the police put an end to the brewery bandit.

The brewery community is alerting one another as reports of more burglaries arise. Jachimowicz said Ballast Point in Temecula was also recently hit.

Longship Brewery has beefed up their security and has added new locks.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.