SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - A San Diego 11-year-old is so inspired to save the earth that he created a group called Pollution Stoppers. News 8’s Eric Kahnert caught up with Change It Up Champion Aidan Wadsworth, who was nominated, because of his beach cleanup efforts.

One stop for these Pollution Stoppers was beaches in La Jolla where they were on a mission to clean up. They find everything from garbage to dangerous items that they tell the adults about.

The reason they're here is simple. They are cleaning up the beach for Aidan’s Pollution Stoppers Team, which was created three years ago.  
Since then Aidan and other volunteers have done numerous beach and park cleanups. 

"I just wanted to help stop pollution because the earth is getting more and more polluted and it's a big problem,” said Aidan.

An example of how dedicated he is to the cause - Aidan puts his weekly allowance and birthday money into an account he opened for Pollution Stoppers. That money goes toward these cleanup events and is donated to other non-profits keeping our coasts clean.

One day he and his crew hauled in about 10 pounds of trash.

"I'm really proud about it, that I can pick up that much trash with my group, it's a really nice feeling," Aidan.
And he's getting high praise from classmates at Marie Montessori, like Ava.

"I'm very proud of him and I'm glad he's done that,” said Ava.

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