SAN DIEGO — San Diegans and the rest of the U.S. honored mothers and other nurturing mother figures on Sunday with various events. Local festivities included special brunches and celebrations for some of the newest San Diego moms.  

In honor of Mother’s Day, the landscapers at Sharp Grossmont Hospital delivered fresh-cut roses to 24 new moms in the hospital’s Women’s Health Center. The grounds of the hospital are home to more than 250 rose buses which are harvested each year to create the floral arrangements on Mother’s Day.  

"What they love to do is, not just take care of plants, [but] have everyone enjoy them - hand them out, get smiles,” said Sharp engineering manager Andy Grossman. "It’s very rewarding for both sides.”  

The hospital’s award-winning “This Bud’s for You” program has been running for 11 years as a way to cheer up patients and “promote a healing environment.”  

Other local Mother’s Day events  on Sunday included a brunch with Killer Whales at SeaWorld San Diego and the 12th annual Military Mother’s Day Brunch honoring Camp Pendleton military families.   

Here’s how News 8 reporters and anchors spent the day and honored the important mothers and mother figures in their lives: