Want to get a banging body in 40 minutes? Glace Ziperovich says you can. She opened Studio40 Fitness in Poway two months ago. With a Master’s degree in Education and a passion for teaching, instructing others comes naturally to her. 

Ziperovich says she wants to motivate and inspire others to make lifestyle changes, so they can feel strong and confident. She says the idea for the studio was not only to work the body, but also the mind as well. She believes a strong mind leads to a strong body. 

Studio40 Fitness' goal is to help your mind and body reconnect with your spirit, so you can live a life that inspires you to be the absolute best version of yourself. "The body achieves what the mind believes," Ziperovich says.

In honor of Mother’s Day, studio members can bring their moms in to workout for free. You can check out membership rates and specials by visiting their Facebook page.

Ashley demonstrates a move on the megaformer designed to target the core. 

Ashley Jacobs at Studio40 in Poway

The Lagree Method targets the core one muscle at a time.  

Ashley Jacobs demonstrates on a machine at Studio40 in Poway