Three bone chilling haunts await you at The Scream Zone. In the Chamber, get swept away in the tornado tunnel, skip down the Bloody brick road to meet the Wizard of Aaaaaaaaahs, unless you’re carried off by the evil witch’s flying monkeys first. Creep through the House of Horrors Ghostly Mansion into La Llarona’s graveyard, keep your head at the chopping block of the Medieval King’s prison, wind through the Zombie infested Maze and get sucked down the draining sewer with Pennywise. Huddle together for a never-ending road trip on the creepiest Hayride north of Hell.

The Scream Zone at the Del Mar Scaregrounds is HALF PRICE opening Night, Friday September 27th.

House of Horrors:
Creep through the abandoned Ghostly Mansion and walk amongst the dead in the Dia de los Muertos Graveyard. Have your fate determined by the deranged King in his judgement hall and join the tortured souls locked up for eternity in the Medieval prison. Blood hungry, drooling Penny Wise awaits you in the Neibolt’s house. Will his red balloon mark you as his dinner on the porch, the basement well, or will he devour you in the sewer barrows of Derry? In the Zombie Maze…are they in front of you, above you, or following you and breathing down your neck.

Haunted Hayride:
Oh yea, you will definitely want to huddle together on this bone chilling ride as every turn is a new challenge for survival.

On this years Haunted Hayride, meet The Nun in her conjuring dead filled graveyard, roll through the vampire infested Dead End Truck Stop, push your luck in the Zombieland Midway, cart through Horror Icon Row, slide deep into the “Mutant Mine Shaft”, and there’s no traffic in the “Road Warrior and Fury Road” inspired Wasteland.

The Chamber:
Follow the Bloody Brick Road to the Wizard of AAAAAH’s, along the way muck through the Pig Sty, tramp through the Fortune Teller’s Trailer, experience a Tornado Tunnel, escape out of the Evil Witches Castle, and then click your heels together and chant “There’s No Place Like HELL”!

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