SAN DIEGO — A woman in Alpine spotted a bobcat walking along her fence Friday morning.

The woman sent News 8 some photos of the bobcat strolling along a fence in her backyard. The woman said she saw the animal making its way across her yard while she was eating breakfast.

The California Wildlife and Animal Control say bobcats are by nature wary of people and may not pose a significant threat to human safety. However, unprotected pets and livestock may be at risk. If you live near or where bobcats and other wildlife also live, prevention is key in reducing human-wildlife conflict and preventing the loss of pets and livestock. 

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  • Feeding squirrels, birds and other wildlife can attract bobcats to your property.
  • Feeding wildlife contributes to the spread of disease among animals that concentrate in an area because of the feeding.
  • Human food is not a natural food source for wildlife and can sometimes harm them.
  • Wildlife may lose natural wariness of humans and become destructive to property.   


  • Keep pet food and water indoors. Bird feeders attract rodents and in turn rodents attract bobcat and other predators to your property.


  • Outdoor cats and small dogs are easy prey for bobcat, so bring dogs and cats in at night.
  • Keep watch on dogs turned out in the yard for potty breaks after dark.
  • Properly pen chickens and livestock in quarters inaccessible to predators.
  • Do not leave small domestic pets unattended outdoors.