I feel like a native San Diegan, even though I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania … a little place called Squirrel Hill. I got through my junior year of high school and was then given three choices. Door number one – stay in Pittsburgh and live with my grandparents. Door number two – move to North Carolina. Door number three – move to San Diego. Which would you have chosen? Yep, I thought so.

Needless to say, moving to a new place your senior year of high school can be hell on your social life. All of the usual cliques are already formed and trying to fit in somewhere can be very difficult. I guess I came out of it okay, as I graduated from Patrick Henry with flying colors. Then onto the real world of college at UCSD, where I actually studied my butt off and double majored in drama and communications.

While working at the on-campus radio station known as KSDT, someone told me I had a pretty good set of pipes and I should explore those options. I had never even thought of becoming a disc jockey. Sure, I had won an occasional contest when I was younger and even got on the radio, but I never thought…hey, I can do that!! One thing led to another and very quickly after graduating, I was hired into the professional world of radio.

And here I am!

Thanks for reading this and if you want to know, just ask…except for that one time I fell off a cliff trying to snowboard.

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