Meryl here - Y'all ready to get totally tubular? This week I consumed Valley Girl, where the like, bitchin' Julie meets Randy from Hollywood and it becomes a "can we have love even though we come from the other side of the tracks" type of romantic comedy. I loved both characters, as I too grew up walking around many a malls discussing the hot bods of dudes, and yet can get lost in the gritty and dirty vampirish ways of Holly-weird.

Things I liked: the soundtrack and the fashion. I was amused by the legwarmers and love of Duran Duran from the Valley Girls, vs. the leather jackets and Plimsoul nod from the city.

What gagged me with a spoon: Not another prom king and queen ending! Come on Valley Girl, I like totally wanted it to end a different way.

Fun Fact: Romeo and Juliet = Randy and Julie. That's my conspiracy! It even has a similar theme of star crossed lovers. What do you think?

My score this week is...cue the 80's synth drum beat...