This week I was assigned the second in the Cusak trilogy, The Sure Thing, starring John Cusack and a young Daphne Zuniga, who later became one of my favorite actresses on the show Melrose Place! These star crossed opposites make their way cross country for each of their versions of the "sure thing". For Walter it's a hot blonde California girl who is primed and ready, and Alison's steady and secure boyfriend Jason. They endure plenty of mishaps and missed moments, and end up realizing they need each other.

What I liked: the scenes where Walter was day dreaming about his Cali girl.

What I didn't: John Cusak over acting, the predictability and the dance scene I've seen a million times!

Fun Fact: A poster for director Rob Reiner's previous film, This Is Spinal Tap (1984), hangs on the closet in one of the dorm room scenes.

My score is a sure thing: