"Risky Business (1983)" Theatrical Trailer:

Well, well, well! Assigning this week's movie was...well...some Risky Business! I watched the classic film featuring Tom Cruise as Joel, and the infamous dress shirt, underwear and socks scene finally makes some sense to me after all these years. This movie reminds me of a grown up Home Alone, and we've had the feeling of finally having the house to yourself. Just in this one, a beautiful Porsche and priceless crystal egg were at stake as well. This was a classic boy meets call girl and falls in love story, with Lana by his side as the freaky working woman that I think looked too similar to him. 

What I liked (not even loved): 

Tom Cruise makes the movie. Chris and I both agree that if there was another actor in his socks, it wouldn't fly the way it did. 

The scene where the mom discovers the crack in the egg. Brilliant. 

What I didn't: 

Too much time on car chases, too much back and forth dialog and as mentioned before, I'm not diggin' Lana! 

Therefore...I give this score the ole' Princeton Review and Score of