Woah baby! I wasn't expecting this...in fact when Chris assigned me Revenge of the Nerds this week I questioned whether I could even get through it!

HOWEVER, I. Loved. This. Movie. Right from the start, I thought it was so sweet how the nerds supported each other, were earnest in their friendship and excitement for school, and didn't cower down to the popular Alpha Betas.

I'm def somewhere in between a Pi and an Omega Mu, so I loved the party scene and where all the piglets ran loose. Also loved the actors such as Anthony Edwards, John Goodman, the sexy husband from Married with Children, you get it.

In this age of Nerd Appreciation with Comic-Con and Weezer ruling our lives and airwaves, I loved seeing a throwback to the days of nerd glory.

With THAT, I shall whip my pen out of my pocket protector and give REVENGE OF THE NERDS A BIG...FAT....BURPY...9.5.