Spoiler alert: I am already a John Cusack fan girl and his big brown puppy eyes makes me start out this review already with a fond feeling. This dark humored teen comedy starts with Lane getting rejected by his girlfriend Beth when she leaves him for someone more popular and handsome. He tries to off himself in a series of ways that probably would be deemed "too far" today, and spends time with his buddy Charles and French love interest Monique. Eventually, he redeems himself on the ski slopes doing an impressive run with only one ski. My favorite scenes: when they are talking and think they have something each in their nose, the well meaning but crazy cookin' mama, and Cusack playing the saxophone.

Which is why I give it a solid and loving: 8.5!!!!!!

Fun Fact: It's based on a true story! Screenwriter Savage Steve Holland's girlfriend left him for the captain of the ski team.

Fun Fact 2: There's rumors that Cusak hated the movie so much he walked out 20 minutes into the screening.

Fun Fact 3: In 2010 Hot Tub Time Machine, you can hear a kid yell "I want my 2 dollars!" at Cusak.