Get ready for an icy review this week friends, featuring beloved 1983 film, 'The Big Chill'. A group seven longtime best friends from college gather at a South Carolina vacation home after their friend Alex takes his own life. This is unbelievable to everyone because Alex always seemed like the epitome of happiness and success, but as we learn, you can't just a person's true life by what you see on the outside. They relive their past, do drugs, play a great soundtrack that paved the way for Motown in movies, and pair up in various groupings. They compare failed marriages, business transactions gone awry, and regrets they have about their own feelings for each other.

What I liked: Jeff Goldblum steals the show as Michael, and has the best lines while trying to sleep with Alex's girlfriend. Side note: Alex's girlfriend may be the hottest human in tighty whities I've seen.

What I didn’t: A lot of things. I'm sorry you guys! I thought the characters didn’t have that much depth, and not realistic for a group of friends to be that open about sleeping with each other. They were quick to cheat on their spouses! Not my scene!

Three fun facts: 

As the characters clean up following the dinner, the turkey platter is simultaneously on the kitchen table and the dining room table.

When the cast is eating their first dinner, a crewmember is visible through the window on the right.

Kevin Coster plays Alex!

My low score that I know will make you guys throw tomatoes at me: 4.7