Anyone else getting sick of all the June gloom? San Diego Magazine's Troy Johnson has the cure: Shoyu Ramen from HiroNori Craft Ramen in Hillcrest! A warm bowl of soup is just the thing to help push those clouds away...don't fear the long line, it's well worth the wait!

"What makes HiroNori’s so special? Has to be the high quality of the soy sauce they use in their base. Ramen is all about the broth, and ramen broth is all about the base—called tare in Japanese. The base is a signature blend of sauces and seasonings (usually soy, sake, mirin, garlic, miso, etc.). The tare is the heart and soul of ramen, its big bang of flavor. And HiroNori’s tare uses a soy sauce that’s barrel-aged for two years."