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Athletic Aesthetics: These Are the Best Dressed Athletes in Sports



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When they’re on the court, field, or ice, athletes all tend to look the same. However, when they hit the press conferences after games, their true style comes out, visually separating them from those that they play with and against.

While all athletes have their own individual styles, some are just a little more aesthetically appealing than others. Curious to know who these athletes are? Here are the absolute best dressed athletes in sports.

The Best Dressed Athletes

Each athlete expresses his or her individuality through his or her style choices. While aesthetic preferences are largely subjective, it’s not far-fetched to say that the following athletes are the most fashionable ones in the world of sports.

Russel Westbrook

When it comes to unique styles, no athlete even approaches Russel Westbrook. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard has worn it all, from full-body sweatsuits and uber-tight t-shirts to avant-garde messes of fabric and everything in between.

Westbrook can get weird with it or tone it down and rock a classy, elegant look. He seems to make it a mission to sport a new look before and after every one of his games, and, for the most part, he succeeds. Without a doubt, he is one of the most fashionable men in sports.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s style is nothing like Russel Westbrook’s, but it’s undoubtedly stylish. This shouldn’t come as any surprise. After all, the New England Patriots quarterback is married to superstar fashion model Gisele Bundchen.

Brady tries to keep it on the classy side, sporting everything from collared shirts to sweaters to full suits. He doesn’t scrimp on the accessories either, often rocking leather shoes and high-end watches as well.

Tom’s watch collection, in particular, tends to stand out. A Tag Heuer connected athlete, his watch collection runs the gamut from vintage to modern.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t only one of the greatest soccer players out there; he is also one of the most fashionable athletes of all time. Often seen sporting tuxedos and other high-end suits, he seems to make a point of dressing impeccably at all times.

Over the years, Ronaldo has been the face of many different clothing lines, including Sacoor Brothers, Emporio Armani, and Jacob & Co. He also has a clothing line of his own, the CR7 Underwear line.

Alex Morgan

Women’s US National Soccer Team player Alex Morgan shines aesthetically both on and off the pitch. However, it’s her off-the-pitch style choices that make her one of the best-dressed athletes on the planet.

Mixing it up with an array of Nike sportswear, understated casual clothing, and elegant formal clothing, she seems to look great wherever she goes.

Cam Newton

When it comes to style, Cam Newton can fairly accurately be described as the NFL’s Russel Westbrook. The Carolina Panthers quarterback seems to sport a new style before and after each of his games, with styles running the gamut from downright strange to legitimately impeccable.

Sporting a range of different colored suits, awkward-looking hats, unique sunglasses, and custom-styled pants, he is, almost without a doubt, the most adventurous dresser in the sport of football.

Von Miller

While Cam Newton takes the crown as the most adventurous dresser in professional football, Broncos pass rusher Von Miller doesn’t fall too far behind. Miller employs many of the same techniques as Newton, sporting all types of hats, suits, and glasses.

However, he generally tends to get more comical with it, often sporting ironic cowboys hats, 70s-style checkered dress coats, tight jean shirts, and the like. While he might not quite be the most well-dressed man in sports, he’s one of the most intriguingly-dressed men in sports.

Serena Williams

Unlike many sports, tennis allows its players to rock unique styles while in action. Legendary tennis player Serena Williams takes full advantage of this, sporting some of the most elegant clothing the sport has to offer.

However, Williams doesn’t just shine on the court. She shines on the red carpet and in everyday life as well, wearing everything from close-fitting shirts to elegant dresses and more.

Henrik Lundqvist

New York Rangers veteran goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist has a very good argument for being the best-dressed man in all of hockey. Keeping it simple, but stylish, he sports a variety of suit jackets, watches, and ties, all of which possess high-end quality.

Lundqvist’s style is everything that you would expect from a great hockey player: rugged, straightforward, and, ultimately, effective.

Skylar Diggins

The WNBA’s best-dressed player, Dallas Wings guard Skylar Diggins sports a wide variety of clothing. Her wardrobe runs the gamut from comfortable sportswear to elegant dresses to exotic heels and everything in between.

While Diggins puts a priority on comfort over style, she always seems to have the aesthetic needed to make herself shine.

Lewis Hamilton

Arguably the greatest Formula One race car driver in the world, Lewis Hamilton not only excels on the track but in his style choices as well. It doesn’t matter where Hamilton is, he’s going to be well-dressed, sporting everything from form-fitting t-shirts to impeccable suits.

The stylish superstar has tied himself to the fashion world by making sporadic appearances at events such as Paris Fashion Week. It certainly seems to have paid off.

Bryce Harper

While baseball doesn’t have any style innovators, it has no shortage of well-dressed athletes. One of the most well-dressed baseball players is Bryce Harper, a superstar who pays particularly detailed attention to his hair and beard.

However, this doesn’t mean that he neglects his clothing style. Harper sports a variety of styles, from ripped jeans and understated t-shirts to rugged flannels and more.

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