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Coyote standoff in La Mesa woman's yard

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LA MESA (NEWS 8) — A coyote showed up in a La Mesa yard on Wednesday and camped out in the shade for several hours. It had a snack or two and stayed well into the evening, then it changed its plans.

"I want him gone," said homeowner Eli Hamm.

The coyote had been in the Hamms' backyard since 7 a.m.

"My wife called me and said 'look, there's a dog out there,' and I said, 'no, this is a coyote,'" said Eli.

Eli's wife Julia tried to get the pup to move.

The Hamms don't have pets, but the coyote could be seen licking his chops after it tossed an opossum in the backyard.

"I just want you gone," said Eli. "I have grandkids."

But the coyote just stayed, at times getting up to move to the shade.

"He looks at us like he is taking a nap, like 'don't bother me, this is my spot,'" said Julie. 

The Hamms have called Animal Control but Project Wildlife told News 8 the same thing - unless the coyote is sick or injured it can't be removed.

"[He's] a backyard menace," said Eli.

10 hours later the coyote was still there while the Hamms sat at their bay window hoping a melody would shoo the creature away.

Finally, just after 5 p.m. the Hamms left to run an errand and when they returned the coyote was gone.

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